Operation Luna: 911 Compensation Fund to Assist the $LUNA Crypto Community

GameStation.io assisting with Terra Disaster ($LUNA/$UST CRASH)

In the midst of entering a possible Crypto Winter, most investors are concerned about bear markets and plummeting token prices.

At a time when Terra, $LUNA and the $UST have become Crypto poison, the GameStation.io team is looking to step up its game and provide some relief for $LUNA holders

As most people are aware, the recent Terra Protocol disaster has sent shock waves throughout the entire Crypto space. Hundreds of billions of dollars have gone up in smoke and many people have been deeply hurt in the wake of the resulting market fallout. This market implosion has been an especially difficult period of time for $LUNA holders and Terra users.

To help provide a glimmer of hope, GameStation.io has just announced they will throw a lifeline by hosting an exclusive operation for $LUNA holders. This campaign will allow them to swap out their $LUNA for the native $GAMER token.

Through this limited time offer, the GameStation team has allocated 1,000,000 $GAMER tokens it will swap out for $LUNA. This initiative is designed to bring some relief to Crypto Investors and the entire Decentralized landscape.

More information is available through the exclusive GameStation Discord Channel found here.

Why are we doing this?

These are indeed very troubling times. As you can imagine, we are all extremely concerned about another Crypto Winter and what this may mean for the crypto markets. Financial systems are cyclical in nature - both Centralized and Decentralized.

And while we’re sure that most of you are well-informed, the Terra team acknowledges their errors and are seeking a solid solution and have already outlined a path toward a long-term recovery.

By standing together through the tough times, the GameStation team has no doubt that the goals of the decentralized new world will not only survive, but flourish!

Beginning immediately, $LUNA holders will be able to swap out their $LUNA for a limited time. The GameStation team is looking to reward $LUNA holders and help support the entire community through inviting them to participate in our operation!